Why giving is so important:

Unrestricted Funding – this type of funding is what is received when individuals and corporations give. The money can be used as needed by the nonprofit. The money that Tim @ Professional Realty Services Idaho donates is unrestricted, unless the client (that’s you) specifies otherwise.
Money received via grants is specific in nature and can only be used for specific purpose. So next time you hear XYZ nonprofit received a $50,000 grant, it doesn’t mean they don’t need YOUR donation.

Your Well Being – studies have proven that giving is good for your health. Whether it’s volunteering or donating money.

Small Amounts Mean a Lot – nonprofits can do wonders with small amounts of money. Did you know that the Area Food Bank can purchase the equivalent of $20.00 worth of food with a $5.00 cash donation? That you can provide water to an Ethiopian for 20 years for a mere $10?